About Bali

Mitra Satata Foundation

A Piece Historical Information about Bali

Bali is a small island, only 140 km with 80 km in between Java island and Lombok Island. Bali can’t omit the ancient Java’s culture especially the East Java as the trace of Balinese in their way to Bali island.

Bali is one of the science’s international gate the wide world sees Bali as the old culture which mix between traditional and modern also the appearance of new communities in context of difference and similarity of the culture and not forgetting about the identity of Indonesia. Many side of Balinese way of living which still in traditional way and still can be learned by the outsiders. 

The Potency of Bali a the parameter of Indonesia and the world in the existence to keep the tradition and also culture from the anchestor’s inheritance as the real proof of Indonesian Masterpiece. The culture’s conservation with TRI HITA KARANA’s principle is a real proof of Hinduism society that Indonesian BHINEKA TUNGGAL IKA which accept the difference and variety of new life value in traditional and modern way. 

Unfortunately, the globalization and modernization era not only in Bali, places or tourism cites begin to scraped the life value which contaminated by west culture acculturation of the new community under the name of equal and difference as the variety of life and human right without seeing the north side of Indonesian.

Sometimes, Indonesian society actually is not really ready to accept the situation and condition which change from time to time, maybe for the filter the society should know about their own identity and learn more about the science and makes the conservation of the culture in traditional, the ancestor inheritance as the world legacy, maybe there is no significant destruction.

Bali is the most visited place for holiday that promises unforgettable memories. All you can find in Bali and Indonesia, the only country which places in the split of atmosphere, a heart of the world as the tropical country and the best equal with many biological variety which are so beautiful and breathtaking. As long as you see, Bali saves mystery in other world’s life which should be investigated about the existence in deeper and scientific way.