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Bali Kemenuh Volunteer and Learning Center

Program Details

Under the protection of Mitra Satata Foundation, at BKVLC we offer an exchange of culture, knowledge and skills between the local community and foreign volunteers, The program aims to empower the community with 70% employment of local people, supported by 30% volunteers from countries around the world. Our philosophy is sustainability at every level.

We aim to share and promote the natural and cultural beauty that the island of Bali has to offer, giving foreign volunteers an insight into a unique environment that will inspire and educate. The local community will pass on their skills in anything from farming techniques, to woodcarving and language skills.

We also provide an opportunity for those same volunteers to share their own knowledge about a wide range of topics with the local community. Every volunteer will be involved in teaching English, but if you have something else to share, even better!

Finally both the volunteers and the villagers will learn together on topics such as sustainable farming techniques, recycling and garbage disposal, as these are subjects which are hugely relevant in Bali, but also the rest of the world if we are to preserve its beauty for future generations.

We aim to give as many people as possible the opportunity to explore our world in a new way, clear your eyes, your heart and your mind. The more you seek, the more you learn. Lets educate each other for a better future for everyone. 

This is our philosophy:

"Positive Thinking, Positive Knowing, Positive Doing"

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